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NeuroFlex’s® revolutionary technology uses virtual reality to conduct vestibular and oculomotor motor screening tests (VOMS). It provides objective data to help scientifically determine whether a concussion has taken place and helps guide rehabilitation.  


NeuroFlex® uses virtual reality technology to track head and eye movements, to scientifically determine whether a concussion has taken place, taking away the guess work. Results are combined with expert assessment and treatment, to accurately diagnose if a concussion is present, and develop a personalised recovery plan to facilitate safe return to the play.


NeuroFlex® provides an objective assessment of ocular motor function and brain health. The technology produces longitudinal records, which can be used to track an individual’s brain health over their lifetime. The NeuroFlex testing data is stored securely for analysis.


NeuroFlex® can also be used as a performance and rehabilitation tool. Its training feature provides users the ability to customise and develop targeted treatment plans.

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Tests undertaken

NeuroFlex® has conducted over 10,000 tests on healthy brains and over 2,500 tests on people with concussion. This has resulted in over 600,000 individual metrics. 

NeuroFlex® Around the Globe

How Does It Work?

NeuroFlex® tracks eye and head movements using cutting edge VR technology to measure the impact of a head knock.

NeuroFlex® has regulatory approval from the FDA, Australian TGA,  European Medicines Agency, UK MHRA, Health Canada & South Africa HPRA. 


NeuroFlex® performs 8 neurological tests which target specific areas, such as smooth pursuit, saccades, optokinetic nystagmus, vestibulo-ocular reflex, antisaccades and spontaneous & gaze-evoked nystagmus.

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NeuroFlex® is the new ‘gold standard’ of concussion care. Testing takes between 3 to 8 minutes and provides clinicians with objective data. This data helps clinicians make informed decisions about whether a concussion has taken place and when an individual is safe to return to play.

Why Choose NeuroFlex®

Objective, quantitative measurements
Track recovery months after initial injury