Jon Patricios

Professor Jon Patricios

Board Member of the International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport Chair of the Scientific Committee for the International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport.

After much research, experimentation and discussion with international clinicians, I have now incorporated NeuroFlex® as part of my multimodal evaluation. NeuroFlex® is a validated virtual reality instrument that assesses head an eye movements and provides input on spontaneous ocular responses to a series of tests including smooth pursuit, saccades, anti-saccades, vestibular-ocular reflex, optokinetic response and nystagmus.

Dr Robert Allen

Clinical Director of the Concussion Centre

NeuroFlex® has been a fantastic addition to my clinical toolbox. It is an easy to use system that generates accurate and actionable data quickly to help me determine current brain status of potentially concussed patients. 
I am able to more accurately and quickly develop treatment plans with objective data that I can monitor over time to watch the progress of my patients. 
The included therapy protocols also give me more options for management of my patients and a fantastic ability to track longitudinal recovery. 
This gives me the ability to make more objective calls regarding return to field for athletes as well as return to school or work for my patients not involved in athletics. The team and support have been superb so far. 
Easy to access, easy to manage, and very communicative. This tool can be an absolute game changer in not only the world of concussion, but also general brain health. 
I am so happy to be able to utilise such a comprehensive tool and be on the forefront of diagnosis and management.

Professor James McLoughlin & Nicola Hunt


We have been using NeuroFlex® for over 2 years. It produced immediate benefit by providing objective information to inform our cervical, vestibular and oculomotor rehabilitation as well as help identify early referral for orthoptic and ophthalmology referrals. NeuroFlex® also allows us to collect fast and reliable individualised objective data as part of our Your Brain Health multimodal baseline concussion screens. This has made baseline screens more feasible and affordable for large groups such as schools and sporting clubs. More recently NeuroFlex® is also being used to help train some key visual and cognitive processes that help imrove many aspects of high performance in sport and work.

Dr Rafael Santos

Ineos, Head of Medical

Part of INEOS’ mentality is we are always looking for innovation in health and improving how we manage things and how we can do things better. NeuroFlex® is reliable and it met what we were looking for in terms of objective data. Our initial goal is to use it as part of concussion protocols, but also we intend to further study, research and see potential uses in long haul travels, training, altitude and heat and how that could eventually impact and influence riders. Having this additional layer of baseline assessment gives our riders an additional layer of protection.”

Andy Shea

Andy Shea

Physiotherapist, Newcastle Falcons

NeuroFlex® helps us assess various aspects of concussion that we haven’t previously been able to assess so well and quite so objectively. Previously there has been a lack of black and white data that tells you ‘yes, they’ve definitely recovered’ or ‘no, they definitely haven’t recovered. I think this technology would be a real valuable addition to the concussions tests that we currently have in the league.