About Us

NeuroFlex® is the product of over 30 years of research into head and eye movement analysis. Created by world-renowned leader and researcher in the space, Dr Mimi Galiana, NeuroFlex®’s mission is to provide brain health to all. We believe every brain is  important, which is why our technology is used by the world’s best, as well as in grassroots sporting clubs, schools and colleges.

NeuroFlex® uses virtual reality technology to objectively measure Vestibular-Ocular Motor Screenings (VOMS) assessments. Tests include smooth pursuit eye tracking, active-visual vestibular ocular reflexes, saccades, anti saccades, optokinetic nystagmus and nystagmus.

Our new ‘Gold Standard’ of VOMS assessment provides clinicians with objective data, which helps them make informed decisions about when a patient can return to play, work and life. NeuroFlex® allows clinicians to assess the effects of treatment in real time, which means patients get better treatment more quickly.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the talented individuals driving our mission.

Dr Mimi Galiana

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

Isabel Galiana

Co-Founder & Executive Chairwoman

Grenville Thynne

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Dr David Stevens

Head of Medical & Research – Asia Pacific

Sean Tasker

Head of Education & Sport

Chris Fox

Global Head of Marketing and Sales

Frederic Lachmann

Chief Technology Officer

Antoine Tantin

Principal Engineer

Arianna Soave

Biomedical Engineering Project Manager

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