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The Age & Sydney Morning Herald
Concussed players at the World Cup in Qatar will be assessed using a new piece of Australian-owned technology as part of the most extensive set of protocols FIFA has ever deployed at a major tournament.
The Age & The Sydney Morning Herald
A group of South Sydney junior rugby league clubs aims to test up to 3000 players with virtual reality eye-tracking technology to more accurately diagnose concussion injuries.
Australia has long been known as a proud sporting nation — now, it's making a name for itself as a sports technology hub. NeuroFlex is using technology to improve athletic performance and safety on the playing field.
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This episode’s guest is Grenville Thynne, Finance Executive, Medical Device Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroFlex.
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10 News First – Up to 3000 Junior Players Sets To Be NeuroFlexed

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